The Band



Nominated for “Most Promising Group” at the annual Central Canadian Bluegrass Awards in Deerhurst in 2016 and 2017, Davis & Grant is a Canadian bluegrass band based in Port Perry, Ontario. They debuted their band in 2012 and have dedicated themselves to preserving traditional bluegrass music ever since. The combination of Robert Davis’s true bluegrass voice in driving songs or gentle ballads, coupled with Haydee Grant’s subtle harmonies, create that strong blend of male and female vocals which is their signature trademark sound. This band truly has a connection onstage with each other, their music, and their bluegrass fans.

In addition to the band nomination, their first CD, “Keepin’ the Grass Blue”, was released April 2017 and has been nominated for best CD at the annual Central Canadian Bluegrass Music Awards in Huntsville in November. Davis and Grant had the right ingredients for the CD with band members Gerry McCaie on mandolin, Alanna Jenish on fiddle….nominated for Fiddle Player of the Year, Mike Doggett on banjo…also nominated for Banjo Player, and Mike Stocker on bass.


Lead vocals harmony and rhythm guitar

In the ‘90’s, Robert Davis started playing and singing in a country band called The Howlett Brothers in and around Southern Ontario. Eventually, he moved on to coach hockey for a few years, but love of bluegrass music kept bringing him back to the music scene.

One night, talking about music and bands with fellow musicians, the idea of forming a bluegrass band was born and the four piece band “McCormick” went on the road with Robert as lead singer and rhythm guitar player. In 2007, he left the band and went out west , joining a bluegrass club in Vancouver, B.C., then returned to hometown Port Hope in 2011. He became a member of the Pineridge Bluegrass Club in Oshawa, where he first sang with Haydee and the rest, as they say, is history. They are now husband and wife, and with Robert’s true bluegrass vocals and Haydee’s harmonies on traditional bluegrass songs, Davis & Grant took flight.

Lead vocals, harmony, rhythm guitar

Born into a musical family, Haydee learned harmony at an early age and adds that extra dimension to the vocals, complementing the true bluegrass stylings of Robert Davis. For 6 years, she sang and played rhythm guitar in the all female band Rosewood, where she developed further skills in harmony. When she met Robert Davis in 2012 to form Davis & Grant, she had found her niche AND her future as Mrs. Robert Davis.

Haydee’s musical influences were Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt and Eva Cassidy. Her current favourite bluegrass bands are the Flatt Lonesome Band, the Lonesome River Band, Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers and Jr. Sisk. Haydee is also a member of the Pineridge Bluegrass Club in Oshawa.


Mike grew up in Napanee, Ontario. His passion for music began when he played trumpet in the high school band, and at home he listened to everything, from big band music…Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Bert Kaemphert….to old time country with artists like Tammy Wynett, George Jones and Marty Robbins. Mike was in his early twenties when he discovered he liked the sound of the five string banjo and began his journey, listening to his favourite icons…

Earl Scruggs, J.D. Crowe, Sonny Osbourne, and Jim Mills. In 2015, Mike was nominated for Best Banjo Player of the Year at the C.C.B.M.A and again for 2017. He is passionate about his music and that certainly shows in his performances on the bluegrass stage.



Hailing from the Ottawa Valley, Alanna began step dancing to the fiddle at four years of age. After a few years she was keen to try out that fiddle herself, and she has never looked back. Winning her first Junior title with less than a year of playing under her belt, Alanna has since accumulated over twenty first place finishes across the Ontario Fiddle Competition circuit. In 2016, at the prestigious Pembroke fiddle competitions, Alanna was in the top five across North America and has been nominated for Best Fiddler of the Year at the C.C.B.M.A. in Huntsville this year. She has now graduated with a degree in music from the University of Toronto and will be moving on from the Band to teach fulltime. Alanna has been a joy to play with over the past 2 years and we wish her well in her career, knowing that music will ALWAYS be at the core of her life. She mostly enjoys playing oldtime and bluegrass music and some of her favourites include Shane Cook, Stuart Duncan, Aubrey Haynie and Darol Anger. Alanna plays a unique Italian instrument dating back to the mid 18th century. Her instrument’s warm, mellow tone combined with a powerful sound truly compliments bluegrass music.


Born in Rogersville, N.B., Gerry came to Toronto in the mid 60’s. His affinity for strings began at the age of 12 with his first guitar, and soon after he took up mandolin and at 16 picked up the fiddle. Throughout his adolescent years he played with the Maritime’s legendary fiddler, Eddy Poirier. “Eddy was a huge influence during my teenage years and to this day, we remain dear friends”, says Gerry. Retirement in 2008 allowed Gerry to pick up where he left off after the demands of work and raising a family. In addition to the mandolin, he can be heard flattop pickin’ on his Martin.

Upright Bass

The bluegrass music seed was planted in Mike’s life when, at the age of 12, he bought his first guitar, a Harmony archtop, for eight dollars and proceeded to take lessons from a bluegrass musician. By eighteen, Mike was playing country, rock, folk and blues and soon added mandolin to his stable of instruments. More recently, he has picked up the upright bass and applied his knowledge of music to the “bottom end” and driving rhythm required in a bluegrass band. Mike says…. “All those years of studying different kinds of music have paid off and although bluegrass music is rather harmonically simple, it requires a specific feel which can only be acquired by paying attention to the details of really good bluegrass music”.